SSA Creates New Forms to be Used in Disability Applications


On November 22, 2017, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced the creation of two new forms.  One is to facilitate the gathering of information for fee agreements when a claimant has a representative assisting with a claim.  The other is a form that will be used to verify information regarding interpreters used during the disability application and appeal process.  Below is a description of each form from the Federal Register.


1. Fee Agreement for Representation Before the Social Security Administration—0960–NEW.


SSA requires individuals who represent a claimant before the Social Security Administration and want to receive a fee for their services to obtain SSA’s authorization of the fee under the Social Security Act (Act). We currently have two different, but mutually exclusive, methods to authorize a fee for a representative’s services before SSA. SSA authorizes the fee either via the agreement process, if the representative submits the fee agreement before the first favorable decision, or the fee petition process, if the representative submits the request after the favorable decision. Currently SSA has no standardized form for the fee agreement process. Therefore, we created the SSA–1693 to make it easier for representatives to obtain the authorization for a fee agreement. SSA will use the information we collect on the SSA–1693 to review the request and authorize any fee to representatives who seek to charge and collect from a claimant. The respondents are the representatives who help claimants through the application process.

2. Statement of Interpreter—0960– NEW.


SSA and the Disability Determination Services (DDS) will use Form SSA–4321, Statement of Interpreter, when a person requiring an interpreter prefers to provide their own interpreter during an interview or conversation between the person requiring an interpreter and SSA or DDS. SSA will require the interpreter to sign Form SSA–4321, and confirm, among other things, that: (1) They will not knowingly give false information; (2) they will act as an interpreter and witness, and (3) they will accurately interpret the interview to the best of their ability. Section 205(a) of the Act, as amended in 42 U.S.C. 405(a), authorizes SSA collect this information.



For a full copy of the Federal Register notification announcing this new Social Security Ruling (SSR), please visit the Federal Register – Social Security Administration index for 2017 and search under Notices.  


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