SSA Issues New Ruling Regarding Development of Written Evidence


On October 4, 2017, Social Security Ruling, SSR 17–4p; Titles II and XVI: Responsibility for Developing Written Evidence was released.  According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), “This SSR clarifies our responsibilities and the responsibilities of a claimant and a claimant’s representative to develop evidence and other information in disability and blindness claims. This Ruling applies at all levels of our administrative review process.”


The Agency provides the following information to explain the need for this SSR in its federal registry announcement:

“We need complete evidentiary records to make accurate, consistent disability determinations and decisions at each level of our administrative review process. Although we take a role in developing the evidentiary record in disability claims, claimants and their appointed representatives have the primary responsibility under the Act to provide evidence in support of their disability or blindness claims. Consequently, we expect claimants and their representatives to make good faith efforts to ensure that we receive complete evidence.”


For a full copy of the Federal Register notification announcing this new SSR, please visit the Federal Register – Social Security Administration index for 2017 and search by Rules, Proposed Rules and Notices.  A full copy of SSR 17–4p can also be found on the SSA website.  


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